Spring Break

21 Mar

Last week was Spring Break. Brett and I drove back to Colorado to see my family, and on the way there and back we stopped to see her parents, who live in southeastern California. It was great to just relax for a week and take a breather from classes. We got some wedding plans finalized, went skiing (I taught Brett how, because she had never been before), soaked in the hot springs, and just hung out with family. God was gracious to us, and we had no problems during our two 11-hour drives except for one flat tire. Ironically, it happened right before we got home. Oh well. We drove through two snow storms before it happened, so things could have been a lot worse if the tire had gone out earlier.

But that was last week. Now I am back at my Christian College and grinding away at papers and projects and presentations. Things are busy, but life is good. Sometimes when things get overwhelming, or I just want to be done with school and working in my career, I have to stop and remind myself what a blessing it is to be at a Christian College. I have good classes with godly professors. I have great friends and some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that won’t be available after I graduate. I also have to remind myself that God has put me at my school for a purpose. I can serve others and get equipped for ministry in the Church and in my profession. And that’s pretty sweet.

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