The Married Life

01 Oct

It’s been a couple months since I last posted (my apologies). Tons has happened since then! Life has been crazy and awesome and busy and stressful all at once, and undergirding all of it is the fact that. . . I’m married! It’s awesome! The wedding was great (it didn’t rain until after the ceremony and the pictures; thank you, Lord), and the honeymoon was equally fantastic. That was all back in August. At the end of August, Brett (my wife) and I moved back out to California for our last semester at our Christian College. Right now we’re living about a mile from school in a nifty little duplex. It’s tiny, but it’s more affordable than most places. God truly blessed us with it; we almost ended up in a run-down, expensive apartment complex, but at the last minute we were offered this place.

That was August. In September I settled back into the school routine, now made different by the fact that I have a spouse, not just roommates. Everyone thinks that being a married student would be harder than being engaged or dating while in school, but I disagree. It’s easier, simply because I get to see my wife every day. We eat together, sleep together, study together, etc. It’s great. I work three jobs, but only an average of ten hours a week or so. She works one job and the same number of hours.

We’ll be full time students at our Christian School until December. At that point, she and I will both be done with our undergrad degrees! It’s hard to believe I have been at my Christian College since 2010. Time flies. In December we will also find out to which graduate schools she has been accepted. Once we know, we will move near the corresponding university so she can start her Physical Therapy Doctorate next summer. I will also begin looking for Fire/Police/EMS work at that time.

Stay tuned for more updates! Christian College life is never boring!

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