What Higher Education Is Not

11 Apr

Higher education is not regurgitation. Going to a Christian College isn’t just about memorizing information and spewing it back out on a test. That isn’t learning. Sure, sometimes you need to memorize a date, person, formula, definition, etc. That’s fine. It’s part of learning, but it doesn’t stand alone. True learning comes when you digest information. You take that person, date, or formula, and you ask the question why. Why did he do that? Why is this date significant? What makes this formula work?

Learning to think like this, and not just memorize, is especially important for students at Christian Colleges. I Peter 3:15 instructs believers to have an answer for why they believe what they do. It’s so easy to say that we believe in God. It’s so easy to say that Christ is Lord. It’s so easy to say that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. But can we back it up? Can we talk through our reasons for our beliefs, or do we just spit out things we have been told but never stopped to process for ourselves?

As you search for Christian Colleges, I encourage to try and find one that makes you think. If all you have at graduation is a bunch of memorized facts, then you will have missed the opportunity to develop your mind at a deeper level. But if you learn to process and digest information, you will truly be a smarter, wiser individual.

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