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The Final Semester Approaches

27 Jul

As summer winds down, I find myself a month or so away from starting my final semester at a Christian College. It’ll certainly be a semester unlike any before; I’ll be married, taking only twelve units, and hopefully working a bit more than usual. Here are two things, specifically related to college, that I want to focus on as I prepare to graduate:

* Soaking up as much Bible teaching as possible. Being at a Christian College gives me the unique opportunity to study the Word as part of my general curriculum. Of course, I will always have the local church as the primary place to hear the Word taught, but the academic atmosphere is different and distinct.

* Leaving an impact on my Christian College. I want to initiate change in areas that I see as weak or needing improvement, and encourage steadfastness in areas that are strong.

Stay tuned and see how things go! I’ll focus some of my later posts on these subjects and give more details at that time.


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