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Big News!

20 Feb

Well, it’s been over a month since I last blogged and let me tell you, a lot has happened since then! I started another semester at my Christian College, got a job as a private security officer (after lots of training), progressed further in my application with the local sheriff’s office (law enforcement is my dream job), and most importantly, I got engaged!!

That’s right, I got engaged! I mentioned in my early blogs that I was dating a girl named Brett. Well, now we’re officially tying the knot. August 10th is the date we chose. In the meantime, we are doing premarital counseling together with some other couples from our church. The focus of our study is learning — from a biblical perspective –what marriage is, why God instituted it, and what it means to be a godly husband or wife. Marriage, after all, is really all about glorifying God and serving your spouse. It’s a picture of Christ’s perfect love for His bride, the Church.

After we get married, we both will have one semester left at our Christian College. Once we’ve graduated in December, we’ll be moving to wherever Brett’s graduate school is. She is going to study Physical Therapy, but we don’t know where yet since she won’t get acceptance letters until this fall. Lot’s of unknowns, but God knows! All we can do is plan flexibly and see what He has in store.

Stay tuned for more about my life as a student at a Christian College!

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