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Still in the Holy Land!

24 Oct

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted from Israel. Things have been pretty busy here with my classes; every week we have at least one, usually two, field trips or hikes to various regions. Just this last week we were up north in Galilee for eight days. We got to tour tons of biblical sites all over the area and swim in the Sea of Galilee every day. It’s so cool to see all these places where Jesus walked and taught and performed miracles. One of the benefits of going to a Christian College with a great study-abroad program! Here in Israel, I have been constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness and His caring nature. He is the same God today that He was 2,000+ years ago, and He loves us enough to be intimately involved in human affairs. I am also continually struck by the reality of the Scriptures. For example, I Kings 12 talks about the high place that King Jeroboam built in Dan. It was basically a religious structure with an altar and a golden calf idol. When we were at Dan, I stood on that high place! It’s very sobering to see evidence of such blatant idolatry. If you think about it though, people are the same today that they were in 931 BC. Idolatry isn’t gone, it just takes new form. Instead of worshipping golden calves and clay figurines, modern man worships sex, pleasure, hedonism, etc. Humanity today needs a Savior, Jesus Christ, now as much as ever!

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