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Time Management

26 Jan

As a college student, I know what it means to be busy. Classes, work, church, ASB, and so on all vie for my time. How on earth do I get everything done with excellence, and still find time to sleep and play the occasional basketball game or go on a date? Enter good time management. I firmly believe that the key to success in college is not how inherently smart you are (though that never hurts), but how well you manage your time. I am so convinced, in fact, that I wrote a paper and gave a 20 minute powerpoint presentation on it in one of my classes last semester. The paper is attached to this post. To read it, click click here. I would encourage you to do so, simply because I want to help you, the prospective student, to be prepared for the next step in your education. The practical tips in my paper are things that I wish someone had told me before I went to college. It matters not if you are going to a Christian college, junior college, or large state university. So please, read and enjoy.

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