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Bust the Bubble

29 Dec

You’ve probably heard of the “Christian College Bubble.” It’s the notion that when you go to a Christian college, you enter into a bubble, a place that is somehow different from reality. Well, it’s true. You do.

Depending on your college of course, the vast majority of your friends and professors are going to be Christians. Not that you will never have to think critically or examine your faith, but you are in a Bible-saturated environment. Definitely not the real world.

Is that a bad thing? No, unless you let it be. It’s a great place to grow in your faith and be equipped. But the danger is that you can go months without sharing your faith with a nonbeliever, answering an angry atheist, or simply interacting with the real world.

The key is to get out of the bubble on a regular basis. Get out into the community and meet some Buddhists and some Agnostics and some Mormons. Interact with people who believe differently than you do. Fulfill the Great Commission like we are commanded to.

One way that I have found to do this is through sports. This next semester, I will be playing in a men’s basketball league off-campus instead of playing in my college’s intramural league. I will also be skiing (in Southern California, no less) with some friends from the dorm AND another guy who doesn’t go to my school and isn’t a believer.¬†Another way is through academics. For example, I will be taking an EMT course at the local community college in the spring of 2013. ¬†However you choose to do it, regular interaction with the outside world is critical for any student at a Christian college.

Studying Overseas

02 Dec

Next fall I will be spending a semester in Israel! I will be one of 40 students going as part of a program that my Christian College offers. We will be staying at an extension campus near the city of Jerusalem. Much of our time will be spent traveling and studying at various Biblical sites, from Bethlehem to the Mount of Olives to Jericho and more. I will also spend a week traveling in the Mediterranean; I don’t know exactly where yet, but possibly Greece.

I am enthralled at the opportunity to study the Bible in the land of the Bible. I trust that the Lord will use that time to strengthen my faith and encourage myself and my fellow students of the truth and historicity of His Word!

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