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Associated Student Body

17 Nov

Being on Associated Student Body (ASB) at a Christian College is an awesome blessing. We get to plan campus-wide events, as well as events for our particular dorms, and essentially oversee the life and atmosphere of the school. Currently I am supervising a food drive, which we have done in cooperation with an outside charity. Overall, the two things I have enjoyed the most are the fellowship within ASB and watching people around school have fun at the different occasions we put together.

The fellowship is definitely unmatched. When you work closely with people on challenging projects you can’t help but build lasting bonds with them. I have spent many late nights in ASB meetings laughing with friends and planning opening night celebrations for our athletic teams or evaluating Day of Prayer or Make a Difference Day.

Equally fun to the fellowship that goes into planning and running an event is sitting back and watching people enjoy it.

I would definitely encourage everyone to consider being on ASB at their school!

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