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Outreach Week

16 Oct

Last week, we had a week of off classes to send out 50 teams of students to different churches in Southern California. We call this event Outreach Week. The teams worked with various churches to do a combination of work projects and evangelism (street, sports, door-to-door, etc).

I was a co-leader in a group of twelve students who went to Cornerstone Community Church in a small town called Atascadero. We worked with the junior high and high school youth group to do park, street, and beach evangelism, as well as labor projects such as splitting firewood for the pastor’s family to heat their house.

The highlights of the week:

- The team unity. We bonded like a family in no time, even though some of the members didn’t know each other before the week.

- The discipleship that took place between the college students and the youth group kids. They were super eager to share their faith, and we got to help them hone their evangelism skills.

Outreach Week was definitely one of, if not the, highlights of my semester so far. I love being at a Christian college and being able to apply the things we learn from Scripture in the context of the local church.

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