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Dorms: yes or no?

25 Sep

For many people, dorm life is one big crazy blur of loud music, pizza, and video games. Here at my christian college, those are all present. But that’s not all that dorm life at a Christian college entails. Living in a community of other Christians is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No other time will you be able to live on a floor with guys from all over the country and even the world, who are of all ages, all majors, and from all sorts of backgrounds. I can’t count the number of times I have stayed up till 2 am talking with friends, chilling in their room and discussing all sorts of things, from theology to why the Denver Broncos are the best football team. Of course, not everyone will be a fellow believer or want to spend this kind of time with the people they live with, but therein lies an opportunity to minister to someone who may be struggling and need support, or may need the Gospel.

Will I always live in the dorms? Probably. Unfortunately, they tend to be more expensive than say an apartment, but again, they present unmatched opportunities for discipleship and fellowship. I would encourage you, based on my experience at a Christian college, to try living in the dorms and experiencing just how much fun and how beneficial they really are.

Who is Sam?

06 Sep

Hey there and welcome to my blog! Just so you know who you’re dealing with, I’d like to take a couple minutes to briefly introduce myself.

I am from Grand Junction, CO, and I just started my second year at a Christian college.

My major is Communications. I actually just declared this major; for all of my first year, I was a Biology major. I switched a the end of my second semester when I decided that even though I like some things about studying biology, I enjoy studying communications better. I also am taking a bunch of Bible classes; not quite enough for a second major, but more than a minor.

I live and work in a dorm called Hotchkiss. My staff position is called Senior (aka head) Dorm Representative, and my job is to plan and execute dorm events, as well as plan and execute campus wide events and ministries along with the other members of Associated Student Body.

My roommate is from Brazil, but has been living in Jordan for the last two years because his family does missions work with the Arabian people (and I thought it would be cool to have a roommate from another state…) Jonatas is a beast at guitar and I am blessed to listen to him shred and strum when we’re together.

I don’t play any sports for Master’s, but I still enjoy ultimate frisbee, ping pong, disc golf, basketball, baseball, football, and longboarding.

And last but definitely not least, I am dating a wonderful girl and fellow student named Brett. Yes, Brett, like the guy’s name. Don’t judge ;)

I hope this gives you at least some idea of who I am and what I do. Stay tuned for future blogs on all sorts of topics related to going to a christian college!


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