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what Christ has done.


Today in chapel the President of the school had students share what Christ has done for the personally during their time at school. I didn’t share anything today, but I will tomorrow. No, today, I sat and listened to my classmates in amazement. I’m so proud of them and blessed to be in their lives. Many of them spoke of the family we have at school. They weren’t just saying it to be sentimental, they were saying it because it’s true. People say that going to college will be great! You’ll make lots of contacts that’ll come in handy later. Some say that you’ll make the friends you’ll keep forever. These are both true, but you can’t always say you’ll meet new family. They will love you and par for you and always give you a place to stay. That’s a precious gift. If you are looking at schools right now, listen here, pray about where your family is. You don’t want just any school or Christian College, you want the best God has for you. Oohh I will cry and weep and eat and repeat when I leave. My heart is with these people, but I’m so thankful that there are no real goodbyes within the body of Christ. There is always a next time.

Oh and here’s what I’m planning on sharing tomorrow…

The past three years I’ve learned I’m disgusting. I’m extremely sinful. I’m lazy, get annoyed way fast, lie, gossip, lust and commit many sins I don’t even realize yet. God though, God is perfect. He is nothing like me. *sigh of relief* He is great, power, patience, honest, fair, righteous, kind, loving and the list goes on and on. He is everything I’m not and could ever hope to be. This is why we crave Him so much. I’ve not only understood my sinfulness to a new degree, I’ve also realized my weakness. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been asked to do more scary things at school than my whole life. When I got asked to speak at the ladies retreat, I cried. I get so nervous speaking in front of people and yet am constantly asked to do it. Again, speaking at Graduation…no. I don’t want to. I’m horrified. However, God is not like me. He is not afraid and He will be right there guiding my words. Praise the Lord! Christ has done a work in me which magnifies His glory. That is a lesson that I will carry with me no matter what I’m doing after school.

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