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Here’s to a “growing” semester.


…Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. That’s what this semester has felt like thus far. It’s been like an explosion or something else that makes boom sounds. It hasn’t been horrible or anything, just different. It feels like I’m almost done and I’m growing up. The drive back to school alone was a “boom” moment. I was by myself, driving on the scariest, iciest mountain roads. I thought for sure I was dead. There was much crying, praying and holding back sickness. It was a good way to get on track with God before coming to school.

I graduate May 2, do you know how soon that is?! I most certainly do. The past two weeks at school have moved so quickly. Only a few more of those and I’m basically married, with kids, grandkids and retired.

I’m taking 20 credit hours (which is the most I’ve ever done). I don’t personally recommend this amount for a senior, but somehow it’s working out for me.

God has been growing me. I think it’s my friend Sarah’s fault. See, on the day back we prayed together. I prayed that we would have an awesome, enjoyable semester. She prayed that we would have a growing semester. See, see?! Her fault. It’s been good though, truly. I got sick this past week and kinda wished I had died on those icy roads. However, God gave me strengthen and I went to classes. I also got asked to speak at our women’s retreat this March…which is awesome and VERY growing. No matter how many times I speak, I’ll always be nervous, I’m sure of it.

Oh and I have to play dodgeball…growing. I’m not good at anything sporty, at all.

Here’s what I’m learning though, the more I feel like I can’t do any of this, the more I want God to do it. I need Him. I need His strength, His counsel, His discernment and His love. I’m so thankful it’s mine for the taking.

Christian Colleges are awesome too, because of all the godly encouragement I get from the staff. When I was sick, the business manager made me healing soup. It was super spicy. I sweated out all toxins.

Gotta go get ready to play some dodgeball and grow some more. :)

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