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Christ>everything else


Wow, it’s been a while. It’s funny cause I’ve been through many stages the past month and have thought to myself “I should blog about that.” I’m now in my last week of Christmas break and will be returning to school (for my LAST semester) on Saturday. I needed this break too, more than I’ve ever needed one in the past. I think God does that sometimes and I’m thankful. He seems to put us in a state that’s ready to let go, ready to change. School holds my heart in many ways. I have millions of memories there and a family, but I’m starting to look forward to the next chapter.


Here’s whats been on my mind recently: College will wear on you. It will. It wasn’t meant to be forever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a secular or Christian colleges (although in my experience secular will faster for a believer.) People will make you tired. Classes will make you tired. Dorm life will make you tried. Yes, even you will make you tired. I adore my school and the people in it…but holy cats, I need to hide sometimes. I’ve realized just how introverted I am. It’s funny, cause for so long that was almost a curse word to me “introvert.” I’ve always been social, never shy and quick to try to make people feel comfortable. You know those people who just feel energized by other people? Maybe that’s you, but it’s certainly not me. I’ve realized how worn out I get. Seriously strange considering my strong desire to go into ministry.


With that said, I’ve been reading Hebrews and pondering the new year and semester. The phrase “Christ is better” keeps running through my mind over and over. Christ is better than any aspect of my school, the good and the bad. He’s better than being alone with tea and I Love Lucy. This is the mindset I want to have, the mindset that will help me finish strong. So even though I’m not ready to go back yet and be tired all the time, Christ is my all and He’s better than sleep. :) That might sound crazy, but having that motivation makes it all worth it.

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