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Middle of the Road.


I’m half way done with my time at school. Time seriously flies. My last few weeks of this semester were really good. There was the normal staying up way too late to study for finals, coffee, packing and various school events. I miss it already.

We had our Christmas Concert, which was neat, because all of the towns people came to watch. “Hope” was the theme of the night and how the hope we have in Christ is what Christmas is actually about. Annnnddd…I wore a pretty dress. :] Another thing that took place was open dorms. That’s where all the girls get to check out the guys dorms and vice-versa. Guys are weird and smelly. That’s all I have to say about that.

Three occurrences that were pretty special to me were the following. One, the dean of students and his wife took all the RA’s out to dinner. At this dinner, they really shared their hearts with us by reading scripture, expressing gratefulness for what we do and giving us each gifts. There was this one moment when I was reminded so much of Christ washing the disciples feet. That moment was when the dean of woman, who had recently injured her ankle, was limping around the table handing out presents. I highly respect this woman, I look up to her and to see her serving us, even though it caused her pain…it was just such an example of Christ’s love.

Secondly, the last devotional time I had with my section. We had a Christmas themed one, of course. We exchanged gifts, ate cookies, listened to Christmas music, shared holiday traditions and read the story of Christ’s birth. This meant a lot to me, because it was such an encouragement to see that we are a family rooted in Christ. We can have times of fellowship that totally honor our Father in heaven and glorify His name.

Thirdly, I found my mentor! Her name is Mrs. McCoy. She’s fantastic. I’ve mentioned before how important I believe mentorship to be, especially when you’re in leadership. Everyone needs to have a Paul/Timothy relationship. We’ll be meeting once a week next semester, just to talk and pray. I’m so thankful God has put her in my life.

All of these made for a great ending to my 3rd semester at school. They also make for wonderful examples of why Christian Colleges can be so fantastic. They provide opportunities to have godly fellowship or like the Christmas concert, they have events that completely point to Christ.

I couldn’t have asked for a better semester. Praise God. :)

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