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lessons learned


Here I am in March. There is still some snow outside my window and I’m currently wearing long sleeves. Someone told me winter was over, but I’m not so sure. I’m down to my last 43 at my Christian College and it’s starting to feel real. I’m going to miss it terribly. After 3 years, this place is home. However, I have some exciting stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. I was asked to speak at my school’s women’s retreat next weekend. I’m thrilled now, but when I was first asked I cried like a small child. Giving a message to a large group of women (including staff) is scary, but what an honor. My mommy is even going to come. :) Then, after the retreat, there’s an RA retreat, the Spring Banquet, book reports, finals and then graduation. With the end drawing near, I’ve been reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned here.

I’ve learned that the Word of God is incredible. Of course, I knew this to some extent before coming here, but I have a deeper love for Bible study. 2 Tim. 3:16 is now one of my favorite verses. The Bible is our guide. God gave His encouragement, will, character, purposes, plans, thoughts…to us!

I’ve learned that the world is so lost and needs Jesus. Again, duhhh, but knowing something and learning it are two different pies. My school has opened my eyes to how needy people are and Jesus is without a doubt the only cure.

I’ve learned about myself. I’ve been challenged in ways that have pulled out the abilities God has given me. The women’s retreat for example. I had no idea I could teach God’s Word, but now I realize that I have a gifting in that area. Also, being an RA, there are all sorts of situations that I didn’t know I could deal with. The key is truly relying on God and also recognizing the gifts He has given me.

I learned that I’m in the right place. Everyone is always trying to figure out God’s will. He’s given it to us. It’s in His Word and as long as what you do matches up with Scripture, you’re in His will. It’s not hidden. God brought me to a Christian College, because it honors Him. Through the experience I’ve learned more about Him and have had much spiritual growth.