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Dorm Life: an interview with my roomie.


I have three super amazing roomies and I decided to get one of their perspectives on living in a dorm. So here’s Cayleen’s thoughts on the subject.

Q:What’s it like living in a room with three other girls?

A:” It’s weird, because I’m the only girl in my family.”

Q: We all know dorms aren’t always the “bee’s knees” what are some things you really dislike about them?

A: “When your roommate’s alarm goes off an hour and a half before you’re ready to get up. Annnd…those times when you really just need you’re alone time and you just can’t get it. Annnd…the debate of who has to get up and turn the light off for bed.”

Q: What are some things you like?

A:“They never fail to wake you up when you’re going to be late for class. Also, they  have cool clothes that they let you borrow. And all the girls let you talk about anything and everything that you want; they give great advice.”

Q: How do you feel dorm life in a Christian College is different others?

A:“For one, it’s not co-ed in the dorms, which is awesome. Also, there’s really no fighting; we  all get along really well.”

Q: What’s one of the really strange aspects of the dorm?

A: “Listening to our Austrian roommate speak German over skype. Secondly, when you’re laying in your bed getting ready to sleep and you hear the blood curling screams coming from the hallway.”

Q: How do you feel about sharing a bathroom with that so many girls?

A: “Somedays it’s a pain because you can’t find a sink to brush your teeth, but most days it’s pretty solid.”

Q: What are some of the bonuses to sleeping on the bottom bunk?

A: “You don’t have to worry about falling that far, and it’s easier to make your bed.”

Q: What do you do when you’re just chilling in your room?

A: “Eh, homework…listening to music, watching movies, sleeping, coloring, dreaming about home-cooked meals.”

Q: What’s it like having an Austrian, a hick and a completely wonder, beautiful angel (that’s me of course) as your roommates?

A: “There’s.Never.A.Dull.Moment.”

Q: What advice do you have for any girls who are planning on living in a dorm?

A: “You just gotta be mellow man, you can’t be uptight or it’s not going to work.”


In conclusion, you will probably  want roommates who are just like me…ok, maybe not. However, in all seriousness, if you pray about it God’s going to place you with the right people, just like he did me.

Also, if you already have roommates pray for them daily. Just like any relationship God needs to be the center. :)